Breathalyzer Man fails breathalyzer test

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Mild-mannered Matthew Nieveen is really....Breathalyzer Man

When police in Lincoln Nebraska pulled over a pickup truck that was driving erratically, they learned the definition of the word "irony".  Driving the vehicle was a 19-year-old man dressed as a Breathalyzer.


The officer said that Matthew Nieveen had "watery eyes and slurred speech and smelled like alcohol". Well, isn't a Breathalyzer supposed to smell a little like alcohol?


Police found several cans of beer in the suspect's truck along with a bottle of Vodka. The police also claim that Mr. Nieveen had a blood-alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit of .08 percent.


While being photographed in his Halloween costume was a bit embarrassing for poor Matthew, we are told it was a big hit with his fellow prisoners.


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David Cassidy, former Partridge Family star, nabbed on DUI charge in Florida

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David Cassidy arrested for DUI- Mugshot

Former child star David Cassidy, 60, was pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol Wednesday evening and arrested on DUI charges. 

Police say they pulled him over after noticing his 2008 Mercedes was weaving on and off the turnpike several times. According to reports David claimed that he had a "glass of wine for lunch and took a hydrocodone." Police later found a half-empty bottle of bourbon in his car. 

Breath tests about 8:30 p.m. measured Cassidy's blood alcohol content at 0.139 and 0.141 — greater than the 0.08 legal limit.

So what do you think? Does he look 60 to you?

Florida couple ran sex-club out of their home, police say

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 Lawrence Angstadt and Charlotte Nottage mugshot

Police are accusing a Florid couple of operating a sex club out of their Fort Myers home. 

Investigators busted Lawrence Angsadt (58) and Charlotte Nottage (50) after they charged an entrance fee from an undercover (under-clothed?) officer. Coincidently the entrance fee was $69.

The couple was also charged with possession of pot, ecstasy and drug paraphernalia, according to news reports.

The couple allegedly had a D.J., a stripper's pole and even valet parking.

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‘Hiccup Girl’ accused of murder

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Jennifer "The Hiccup Girl" Mee- Mugshot


Jennifer Mee made national headlines in 2007 as the 15-year-old girl who suffered a five-week case of the hiccups. She was even featured on several national television shows.

Today, she's earned a very different kind of attention: Murder suspect.

Now 19, Mee is accused of meeting Shannon Griffin, 22, over the Internet and luring him to a home where he was robbed by her friends.

Instead, Griffin was shot multiple times and killed.

Mee and her two friends have been arrested and charged with first-degree murder — with Mee telling the Tampa Tribune that she is suffering from "the curse of the hiccups."

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Man accused of impersonating police officer…while drunk

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Andrew Novotak accused of impersonating police officer....while drunk.


Cops in Boca Raton, Fla., say they've arrested a man on suspicion of drunken driving and impersonating a police officer — at the same time. Andrew Novotak allegedly pulled over several motorists while wearing a police-style badge and carrying a loaded handgun in a holster on Oct. 14. He was charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer and DUI.

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“Moss Man” accused of breaking into rock museum

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Gregory Liascos Mug Shot


Police say a camouflaged burglar found himself between a rock museum and a hard place.

Gregory Liascos, 36, was arrested for allegedly attempting to break into the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals in Oregon last week while wearing a "moss suit" often favored by military snipers.

According to NBC-2, Hillsboro police believe Liascos spent several nights trying to chisel through a wall and into a bathroom — perhaps in an attempt to snatch the museum's quarter-million-dollar gold collection.

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“I’m Me” tattoo helps police nab thug

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Joseph Williams - "I'm Me" tattoo


Tattoos aren't just a form of body modification — they're also a form of body identification. Just ask police, or the Florida theft suspect with the words "I'm me" tattooed on his forehead. Detectives didn't have a hard time tracking down suspect Joseph Williams, 19, after media reports about his distinctive facial tattoo. Williams is suspected of snatching iPhones from more than a dozen cellphone shops.

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Dog-sex is illegal in Georgia

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Police in Georgia say this man, Henry Ivey, was caught having sex with a dog in an abandoned trailer.

Police say local residents in Colquitt County saw Ivey, 39, walking two dogs Monday evening before taking one into the trailer. Then, they heard loud noises and called police… who found Ivey doing the nasty with a dog described by Fox31Online as "a black mutt about the size of a Labrador retriever."

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Naked cab heist

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Jennifer Gille Mug Shot 2010


Police say the cabbie picked up this woman, Jennifer Gille, at a motel… but she didn't get out at her destination.

She took off her clothes instead.

The, she demanded that the driver take her to Michigan — roughly 1,000 miles away. The driver drove to police department instead, but when he got out to ask for help she took control of the car and took off.

Insert your own joke about blondes and directions — because police didn't find her in Michigan. They found her a block away, in the back seat, still undressed.

Police believe alcohol and maybe even drugs — and not necessarily her blonde-ness — were involved.

Drug Snatch- Woman hides drugs in her “woo woo”

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Elizabeth Athenia Progris Mug Shot 2010


Prison guards at a Martin County jail say they noticed a bag fall from the crotch of "dancer/housewife" Elizabeth Athenia Progris, 23, after a shower.

The baggie contained the prescription anti-anxiety drug Xanax, according to AOL News, and jail officials say she had been keeping it in her woo-woo, aka the vagina.

Of course, I can't blame anyone in the pokey from wanting some anti-anxiety meds. And if she was that anxious, can you really blame her for shoving them in the wrong hole? I think she deserves a chance to rectumfy, errr, rectify her mistake.

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Call the Police – I’m Being Arrested!

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Andrea Elliot Mug Shot


An Ohio woman threatened to dial those three digits… because she was being arrested.

Police in Eaton, Ohio said 44-year-old Andrea Elliot was intoxicated, and when they tried to arrest her for disorderly conduct, she said she would call the police.

She's facing charges for aggravated disorderly conduct and making a false 911 call, according to

Decorated Arsonist

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Walter Bond Mug Shot


Inmates are known for their intimidating body art… but the word "VEGAN" is usually not part of the formula for prison respect.

Animal rights activist and convicted arsonist Walter Bond, 34, was arrested in connection with a fire set at a sheepskin factory in April, 2010… and just get a load of him and his extreme vegan body modification.

Known as "Lone Wolf," Bond is also a suspect in an arson attack at a Utah restaurant that served foie gras.

Sex with a pit bull is illegal in Michigan

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Jose Antonio Sanchez Dog Sex Charges


Michigan police say 58-year-old Jose Antonio Sanchez did just then… and then the man who was already convicted in a sex attack on a minor under 13 years old spoke about it to his parole officer.

Not a smart move… but, on the other hand, at least he know he had a problem.

The Dirty Sanchez has been charged with a felony, and faces 15 years in prison, according to

Two women attack Wendy’s employee after they ran out of mustard

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Katrina Bryant and Melanese Reid Mug Shots


Two Florida women are accused of trying to attack a Wendy's employee with a taser after they didn't get enough mustard and mayonnaise.

Police say Melanese Reid (right), 20, and Katrina Bryant, 23, threw a fit when they felt they didn't get their fair share of condiments at a Wendy's drive-through… so Reid allegedly got out of the car, went inside, pulled out a taser and chased an employee, according to AOL News.

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Porn actor’s rampage

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Stephen Hill Mug Shot 2010


A porn actor who specializes in fetish flicks killed himself after a stabbing spree that left one person dead.

Police say Stephen Clancy Hill, 34, used a samurai sword to kill fellow porn star Hebert Dong. He also stabbed two workers at a DVD production facility.

Police caught up with the star of films such as "Tea Bagging Party" at a cliff overlooking the San Fernando Valley — home of the porn industry — but the actor had one last role in mind. They say he dove off the cliff, killing himself.

More McNugget Rage

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Melodi Dushane McNugget Rage Mug Shot 2010

Wow…. some people just love their McNuggets.


Police in Toledo, Ohio say Melodi Dushane socked a McDonald's employee and punched out a drive-thru window… because the restaurant wasn't serving McNuggets.

Dushane was arrested for felony vandalism for the New Year's incident, according to The Smoking Gun.

This isn't the first time McNuggets have been linked to violent rage. As I've written before, these tiny chicken snacks have been been at the heart of some strange crimes true-crime tales.

One woman even called 911 — three times — because the restaurant was out of the famous golden, crispy chicken chunks.

Actor Rip Torn Arrested After Bank Break-In

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Rip Torn Mug Shot


Actor Elmore "Rip" Torn, 78, was arrested in Connecticut over the weekend. Police say they found him wandering around in a bank drunk… when it was closed… after apparently having broken the window to get in. Police also say they found a loaded gun in his pants.

Various reports say that Torn mistook the bank for his home.

The star of "The Beastmaster," seen here after his 2006 drunk driving arrest, has had plenty of troubles over the years… and many of them have appeared to involve a healthy love of booze.

Popeater says he's now in rehab and facing burglary, criminal trespass and weapons charges.

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‘Vampyre King’ Will Rule From Prison

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Self-described "Vampyre King" Rocky Flash was sentenced to two years in prison for threatening to beat, torture, dismember, decapitate and impale a judge and his children. The judge had the nerve to order Flash to keep away from a woman he had met on an online dating site.

Flash, 45, is the leader of Vampyre Nation — a Web site devoted to people who believe they're undead blood suckers, and those who want to, um, be sucked by them. There's even a blood donor's bill of rights for them.

I have no idea why anyone would want to avoid this charmer… for more on this one-of-a-kind "vampyre" oddball, be sure to see my story on home at

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Sex with horses is illegal in New York

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Erick Rivera Mug Shot 2009


If you live in Goshen, NY, lock up your horses. Police say this man, 18-year-old Erick Rivera, had sex with horses at least a dozen times since July.

“This guy makes Michael Vick look like a charter member of PETA,” Goshen Police Chief James Watt told the Times Herald Record.

Burglars caught with do-it-yourself masks

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Matthew McNelly and Joey Miller, Mug Shots in Magic Marker


Iowa police say they received a call that two men with painted faces tried broke into an apartment. Authorities believe these two didn't have time to find masks

Permanently Marked: Police in Carroll, Iowa, received a call that two men with painted faces tried to break into an apartment Oct. 23. Officers soon found Matthew McNelly, left, and Joey Miller, right, who had apparently tried to cover their faces with permanent black marker. The pair face burglary charges.

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