The site is currently in beta form and we hope to officially go live sometime this summer. is a site that posts public information from various county sheriff booking blotters. 

These photos and records are public records and therefore legal to post and to view.

Federal booking photographs are automatically entered into the public domain in the United States, and can be obtained by anyone through the Freedom of Information Act, except in special cases when the arrestees' record has been sealed.

The Palm Beach County site is currently closed down for maintenance. You can still visit the Broward County site here.

Errors may appear on postings. Sometimes errors originate from the source sites (the county booking blotters) themselves. If you see an error on a specific posting (such as a wrong name or arrest charge) please let us know and we will delete it within 24 hours.

Courteous letters will be responded to. Letters with inflammatory language, threats to sue, etc. will be ignored.

Fax your request to 888-308-7074. Include the name of the person and the date of the booking. (Note- If you do not get a response to your fax try again in 2 or 3 days as some have reported fax transmission problems.)